Virtual Revolution

I believe the entertainment industry is on the precipice of being revolutionized by virtual reality technology.

Like every other white middle-class scumbag I’m trying to figure out ways I can cash in on this imminent revolution.

My idea is simple and probably not that original. Here it is.

You go to the cinema to watch a movie. Let’s pretend it’s a war movie, an action flick about the Battle of Stalingrad.

The first half of the experience is just like a regular movie. You watch the drama unfold on the big screen and learn about the conflict and all the different characters.

Halfway through the movie there’s a short intermission. VR Headsets drop from the ceiling. You put on a headset and the second half of the experience becomes immersive.

You select which of the main characters you’d like to inhabit: Kraut of Russian, hero or villain. You decide what part of the action you’d like to interact with: tense sniper stand-offs or bloody charges on the front line.

A couple months ago I explained this idea to a friend and she said something really interesting.

“So I have to be a part of the movie during the second half?” she said.


“What happens if I just want to keep watching the movie?”

I laughed at the time but in retrospect I realized she makes a really good point.

We are conditioned to let entertainment wash over us. There a million ways to be titilated with just the click of a button. Why participate when someone else can do the work for you?

I still think a version of my idea will happen. Except near the entrance portal into the virtual world there will be a cinema. And those who just want to keep watching the movie will be able to walk into this cinema so they can continue being themselves.

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