TTF 002 : Unintentional Stoner Comedies

Ever had a back massage and made a weird noise by accident? Wasn’t it one of the best noises you ever made, and you didn’t even have to try???

There are people in this world who love all things unintentional. I am one of those people. I am an Unintentionalist.

This week on the podcast I take a trip inside the world of Unintentional Stoner Comedies, movies that bring on weedy giggles surreptitiously like sneaky Trojan Horses. I highlight five flicks that you wouldn’t think to throw on after acquiring some White Castle, however they all hit the spot for those who find themselves in the Green Zone.

In this episode I also give it up for my good bud Luke Sweet who designed the Thompson’s Top Five logo. Thanks dawg! Check out Luke’s online portfolio here.

Also, my theme music is a loop taken from the tune “Rolled Out of Lazy” by Australian band Tunerfish. Check out the full version of the song plus all their other nasty beats here.

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