TTF 005 : This Is The End

If the world was ending, where would you wanna find yourself? A Hollywood house party at James Franco’s place? Sure, why the fuck not …

Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg (SuperbadPineapple Express) are two talented Canadian Jews. After the dismal failure of The Green Hornet, Rogen & Goldberg decided to go back to doing what they do best – ridiculous stoner action-comedies heavy on dick jokes and bromance. Using District 9 as one of their primary inspirations they have written and directed This is the End, a moderately budgeted film that uses schmaltzy sci-fi effects perfectly to backdrop the ridiculously entertaining romp that takes place in Franco’s tastefully designed pad.

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2 thoughts on “TTF 005 : This Is The End

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  2. chips

    Great movie and great podcast. Totally agree with your opinions on “this is the end” my favourite rant since your first podcast.


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