TTF 001 : The Thrills

How’s it goin’ sluts?

The idea of starting a podcast has been percolating around in my head for a while now. When you spend a lot of time alone you tend to talk to yourself anyway – why not record the madness and see if anyone else appreciates it???

Thompson’s Top Five is a weekly comedy podcast about lists. Lists I have made up, based on topics I have also plucked from somewhere. Creating a list is a good way to kill some time before we all enter the Void of Nothingness (death). I guess you could dispute that. The list bit anyway.

For the first cast of my toes in the digital pod I decided to talk about the five best songs from Irish band The Thrills. I listened to them a lot when I was a younger dude and they sound-tracked some real fun times. Although they are now on hiatus their songs live on and it was fun and nostalgic to revisit their best tunes.

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