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Brother & Boyfriend Episode 1 : Two Rums Don’t Make A Right

Brother & Boyfriend chronicles the dating adventures of Yasmine Budge, a bubbly 20-something radio presenter from Perth, Western Australia and the tempestuous relationship she has with her ne’er-do-well older brother Dwayne.

In Episode 1 “Two Rums Don’t Make A Right” Yasmine meets Jonathan, lead singer from touring US band Bodybong while hosting her popular morning radio show. They hit it off and Jonathan invites Yas to check out his band play that night at Capitol Bar in the city. Yasmine is extremely excited for her big date with Jonathan but plans are nearly scuppered by the selfish actions of her slacker brother Dwayne.


Yasmine Budge, Bamboo, Tony, Chrissy, Paulie – Thompson Waite

Sally, Belinda – Planet Raymond

Jonathan, Dwayne Budge – Sticky McKay

Narrator, Mrs. Budge – Kizzard Masters

Theme Music:

Sigh Gone – Black Beetle Roach

TTF 106 : Michael Izzy Isabella

Michael “Izzy” Isabella is a NYC-based musician. For Episode 106 of Thompson’s Top Five I asked Izzy the following questions:

1) What music blew your mind when you were growing up?

2) What did the first songs you wrote sound like?

3) How did moving to New York City impact you musically?

4) How do you decide whether a song is for you or your band?

5) What emotions are you yet to explore musically?

At the end of the episode I share a demo version of “Girls Gotta (Groove Again)” which will appear on Izzy’s forthcoming solo record.

In addition to his solo work Izzy plays in a band called Unicorn Harvest.


TTF 105

Today I’m ranting about






And here’s the Sigh Gone music video for “Dusk”

TTF 104

Today I’m ranting about






My new Sigh Gone track “Deep Cuts” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jC5y8VBfqNs

TTF 103

Today I’m ranting about