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TTF 082

Tuesday 4/5/2016

#ReasonsHumansWillGoExtinct #KurtCobain #IcelandPrimeMinister #Jordan #ChanceTheRapper

TTF 080

Tuesday 3/29/2016

#EgyptAir #StayStrongKehlani #Scott Walker #TravelTuesday #ColumbusShort

TTF 079

Friday 3/25/16

#GoodFriday #CruzSexScandal #1YearWithoutZayn #RITAGH #3YearsOfTheWay

TTF 051 : Vinnie Massimino

In this 51st joint TW talks with experimental video artist & founder of Chambray Records Vinnie Massimino. They discuss strategies for racking up huge amounts of student debt, confusing video installations & the realities of running an indie record label.

During the podcast I asked Vinnie the five following questions:

1) How do you make people pay for shit on the internet?

2) What types of new content do you see on the horizon?

3) If you were going to direct a comic book movie set in modern day Detroit what would the synopsis of the movie be?

4) As someone who’s visited New York City several times and do you think NYC changes people for the worst?

5) If you were going to abuse your hypothetical child would you do it in a way so they became pitifully reliant on you or a complete savage hellbent on external destruction?

Click here¬†for more info about Vinnie’s various ventures including Chambray Records.