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TTF 049 : NYC BikeCast #1 Park Slope, Brooklyn to Astoria, Queens

This is the first of my gonzo “NYC BikeCast” series where I ride around the streets of New York City on a bicycle, commentate on the weird scenes/people I observe in a stream-of-consciousness garble, whilst recording the whole thing as a video podcast!

In TTF 049 : NYC BikeCast #1 I ride from Park Slope, Brooklyn to Astoria, Queens whilst jabbering away about white gentrifiers buying fruit, 16 year old jaded hipsters who look like Carrot Top & a Naomi Campbell tantrum that I witnessed firsthand at Steiner Studios.

Watch the video podcast below. Alternately play the audio using the above player or download the episode via iTunes here - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/thompsons-top-five/id670820014?mt=2

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TTF 046 : God Loves Uganda Live From Sepulcher Mountain

Live from Sepulcher Mountain, Wyoming! In this 46th joint Thompson talks Super Saiyan Praying, how dudes & chicks look the same from certain angles, why there is a creepy marketing dude behind every successful organization & the 2013 doco God Loves Uganda.