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TTF 048 : Techno Beats w/ Brett Cimbalik

Brett Cimbalik is a NYC-based electronic musician/producer. We chatted on the roof of my apartment building about making a habit out of not correcting other people, the symbiotic relationship between music & drugs and Brett’s new single “I Wish I Could Say The Same”. The episode also begins with a Brett Cimbalik techno remix of the TTF podcast theme music, which is totes bitchin’ babes!

During the podcast I ask Brett the 5 following questions:

1) How did your Mid-West upbringing influence your musical tastes?

2) What are your favorite techno tracks?

3) What are your favorite places in NYC to enjoy live music?

4) Do you make music to be played live or do you not consider how it will potentially be consumed?

5) What came first; drugs or music?

Check out “I Wish I Could Say The Same” by heading to Brett’s Soundcloud or by playing the below YouTube link. If you want it to be yours forever head over to Chambray Records with your credit card and be prepared to make a special memory. Dig!

TTF 035 : Party Monster

In this 35th joint Thompson rants about America’s work ethic, being forced to spend time with an ineffective hippie before counting down 5 things about the 2003 cult flick ‘Party Monster’ starring Macaulay Culkin and Seth Green.