New Enemy

Nothing makes my heart flutter like acquiring a new enemy.

I’m a pretty low maintainence person. I tend to only really clash with those that I’m closest to. Hence finding someone new to hate is a pretty exciting thing.

I hate this person for two reasons:

1) He/she was rude and dismissive towards me.

2) He/she embodies several aspects of modern culture that I despise.

Reason One is pretty self-explanatory. No one likes to feel slighted. In this instance it wasn’t so much the slighting, it was the piss-poor attempt to rectify the original social foul.

Typically I tend to overlook such petty clashes. Life’s too short, yada yada yada. But when rudeness is paired with ideological idiocy we’re in Hate Cocktail territory.

Reason Two requires a little more elaboration. Attempting to isolate the validity of broad cultural trends can be tricky. You can read about things that sound terrible but it’s not the same as experiencing them firsthand.

With this new enemy I now have someone in my life who is undeniably part of the Problem. This person is nowhere near my inner circle (I don’t invite vampires inside my house) yet I’m close enough to observe how they’re interpreting the world incorrectly.

And yes, when I say “incorrectly”, that’s exactly what I mean. I’m not afraid of being right. Relativism is for pussies.

Putting the “Enemy” label on someone can tell you a lot about yourself. We’re all the Good Guys in our own story. By creating an enemy you’re essentially patting yourself on the back.

As long as this behavior isn’t built on spite or jealously I don’t think it’s a bad thing. If we were all completely accepting of bullshit we’d all be slobs. Sometimes you need to set a benchmark for yourself.

I love a new enemy because it makes me think about winning the War of Life. Sure, there may be imminent battles that will have to be fought, but that ain’t everything.

Imagine twenty years in the future: will you be proud of the person you are today?

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