Male Pornstar

We all have an idea about what type of girl who gets into porn but have you wondered about the dudes who get involved in the “adult industry”?

I have done zero research on the subject so this entire post will be complete speculation.

When I used to look for acting gigs on Craigslist I’d see hundreds of ads looking for hot male talent. They were usually really short and vague. Six-pack abs required, fantastic opportunity, earn thousands of dollars.

I met a dude on a indie film shoot who was once fooled into responding to one of these ads. He’d been offered $5,000 to jerk off in front of a webcam. He politely declined.

Things may have changed however I was under the impression that guys who wanted to break into porn would have to “go gay” in the beginning. This boggles my mind. I can’t think of any other trade in the world where arse-fucking is an integral part of your apprenticeship.

Everyone watches porn. Guys all around the world fantasize about fucking the hottest pornstars. So why don’t more guys try and become pornstars?

For a start, not every Tom, Dick and Harry has a cock fit for porn. In most pornos the ladies get fucked and the gents do the fucking. Even if Tom and Harry are jacked up on cialis they’ll struggle to keep up with Dick’s relentless donkey cock.

But perhaps there’s more going on here. There’s a few good documentaries about how even the most assured female pornstars get fucked over society’s by disapproving glare. I would argue male performers also have to deal with this shaming but to a much lesser degree.

Every mother wants their son to be popular with the ladies but I can’t imagine any mother wishing their boy would grow up, shave his ball-sack and start slinging dick on camera. Same goes for the vast majority of Dads.

There is something vaudevillian about pornstars. I once┬áheard Marc Maron describe them as “sex clowns”. Like an acrobat, mime or juggler you’re there to watch them perform their special trick and any element of their real personality is completely surplus to requirements.

It’s funny because with other artists like musicians or film directors we’re just as interested in the person who creates the art as the piece of art itself. We want to know how Jack White channels his Catholic work ethic into recording studio practices, we want to find out how giving up coke changed the way Martin Scorsese makes his films. But no one cares about what experience or worldview makes you stuff some anal beads into your butthole in a certain way.

Porn is perhaps the most primal form of entertainment available. The guys who get into porn must be the type of dudes who are okay with being small phallic-shaped cogs in a giant machine. And let’s face it, when we cum are we ever really thinking about art?

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