TTF 004 : Dinner for Five

Dinner for Five was a hilarious TV show created and hosted by Jon Favreau that ran on IFC from 2001-2005. The premise behind each half-hour episode was simple – take five people from the world of showbusiness and film them talking over dinner and drinks.

Jon Favreau is perhaps the best straight man actor of the last twenty years. When I say straight man I don’t mean anything sexual. If I had to pick the most overtly straight dude of the last few years in a “look how much I dig pussy” type of way then that would definitely be Tiger Woods.

Favreau is a perfect straight man because he’s generous. When Vince Vaughn is running his mouth all you gotta do is stand there, be kind of chubby (but not fat) and shake your head a couple times.

In early 2013 every single episode of Dinner for Five was made available to watch for free on Youtube. Some of the guests that appeared on the show that ran for four seasons include Louis CK, George Carlin, Vince Vaughn, Sarah Silverman, Will Ferrell, Billy Bob Thornton, Zooey Deschanel, Kevin Smith, John Waters, Will Ferrell, Andy Dick and Seth MacFarlane.

This show is funny and poignant because it showcases showbusiness types in a unique way. It is classier than reality TV yet somehow more revealing. There is an intimacy to breaking bread with someone at a table, especially when you’re sitting next to Andy Dick and he’s rubbing your inner thigh with a breadstick.

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